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17 tenured faculty that support these receptions and we have 12 staff. we started out with three supporting staff. the attendance for that was good, the environment quickly turned hostile. i have this memory of debating with some girl who said abortion is ok because kids are not taught good enough sex education in school. >> first, just focus on reflect life week and the march for life. if you have a really strong
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events in respect life week and march for life. if it doesn't do anything else the rest of the year, you'll have a successful group. it's really successful. the march for life is successful. people also come because it is a fun social escape. i really think prolife organizations on campus should focus on the prolife issues. there are other important issues relating to life, i don't think those are as pertinent to young people.
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i think it starts to cause conflict in the prolife group and diffuses the main thrust of the group. it's important to focus on abortion. thank you for having me speak. it's great to tell you what we are doing at princeton. we are sponsoring a global warming event. it was like pulling teach to get a professor to speak in favor of global warming but we'll see. thanks a lot. >> thank you all for sticking around today. it means a lot
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today. >> my name is david. i am from oak state university. i want to tell you a little about my background. i grew up in one of the redest counties, canadian county. i couldn't believe in our free society that people would try to steal the election in 2002 i attended a debate. in high school, i refound our young republic can's club and
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later served as the vice president, president of that. i went off to clenl for the first time last august. i joined college republicans. i've always been registered a republic can and a conservative. i got to meet people running for different offices there was a guy stabling from the leadership institute we want to
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start a group of young republic cans of osu. one night, we all met at starbucks. the faff rite liberal chick place. three freshman there including myself and a junior. that might, ycl issue was born. we had some of the town hall meetings that past summer. i couldn't believe that people with such radical ideas were occupying the executive and legislate your we tried to
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model after young conservatives from texas club. many of you may be familiar with their style. we held a healthcare forum.
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we even got some liberals to show up and had a very good discussion about the role of government and can 2 make healthcare better i think one of the reasons i am concerned about this. we are facing full fledged social ix. this spread the wedge pen elt that america told. you know, joe the plummer.
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issues like gay marriage, gay rights are accepted as scule cool. the liberals have given up on those issues they know they are not going to win. they are working very hard to infuse those issues into popular culture. >> our constitution was made only for a moral and religs people, i blobe that is very true. i'm majoring in mechanical engineering. i am very concern. about the tax structure. there's a lot of student that's
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come over to study at our they are going to go back to asia and start engineering from there and charge a lot less because their taxes are less. >> as coach george allen said, the time is now.
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>> nornle thing is have a creative event as it was talked about earlier. having a flobal warming beach party would be a great idea it would be a great idea to do it a week before dead week when it's getting colder in the fall. >> take action, get involved with a came pain. we need people that are very principals and not going to bow down. you can get informed.
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read information on big government. if you become an issue on prolife, become an expert and people will seek you out. let's grow the movement because we are the future and the time is now. thank you.
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>> i represent dallas baptist university. i'm thankful to speak for my school today. we have a private school in dallas. i love my university. our colors are red, white and blue. our mascot is the patriot. most of our students consider themselves to be could be serve tiff. they believe it is the conservative view point that has a moral reflection of scripture. i've noticed most of the students are not very politically active. that burdened me. i thought i had an opportunity
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i gathered my resources on campus and tried to contact students involved with our crs, college republic cans. they weren't as politically involved in. i knew action had to be taken. i started to research and found
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something called yct, young conservatives of texas. i found one at dbu. as president of yct, one of my biggest thrills was to see our students become engaged in political activities. one of my faff rite activities is constitution day. september 17. we use this day as a great opportunity to advise our chapter on campus. we set up a booth throughout our most popular building on campus. we had students hand ought out
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did you know questions. we wanted a great inter production. things like this really drew attention to our booth. we gave away free candy. it gave our history majors an opportunity to shine, which was great for them. everyone else was able to pazz and reflect about american history based on answers that they had never known or had easily forgotten. we traveled to our texas capitol billing and started a
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road trip. that started to help students feel empowered. they started to see the coven serve tiff movement has no limit. other members came.
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it become a community divider >> a huge hit. the high school students felt mentor by the college students. they were so thrilled to be involved when they get to get the college students felt a potential coming in. they felt motivated and
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empowered. it was so much nun for everyone to interact. political parties come and go. they slift and transform but it is prings pen pells that do none of these things. we can strengthen the
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principles by teaching, uniting and moving others towards action. thank you. >> it has been a simply wonderful panel. wen tornado hearing from all these stuedebts. i'm going to mike the rule that you have to be present in order to be a winner in this drawing. so somebody will walk away with a flip camera. all right. have you all enjoyed these
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close your eyes and reach in and pick one out. let's see who is the lucky one. from ok la hoaxa state university, krista. are you here? thank you all for coming. it's been a great couple of days. god bless you and safe travels
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>> tonight, a debate in the tennessee's governor's race.
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>> the time has now come to appoint someone to the senate who will look out for west virginia and work hard for west virginia. i am very, very proud to appoint cart to the united
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states senate. the senate seat occupied for nearly 52 years by our be loved robert c. byrd. i am proud of mr. goodwin. i hoe the man.
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he's been part of some landmark legislation. the president will attest to that. i don't need to tell you all if you don't know cart, he's fiercely indpebbed enter. we have gone toe to toe many times when we made our decision, i had nobody that would carry out the tuties and wishes of the he can it's important to have someone who understands how important it's to bring all sides together.
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we appreciate and respect where everywhere is coming from. it's about respect. we don't have to come from the same background and go down the same highway, if you he's done that as well as anyone i have ever seen. when i knew there's two men we
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have missing. we had more than 60 rescuers trying to find two men all in jeopardy friday night, i got there thursday. i don't think it is going to be good. i want you to start tonight, the speaker in the presence, they brought the speakers back in monday morning. we changed the safety of minutes around the country because of the hard work and
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commitment and dead >> the goodwin family has embraced a long life of service they don't see the sacrifices of their wives, husband, children. i appreciate each of you for
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what you have done. cart will join the united states gnat. it is only fitting that he replace the most be loved senator we have i continue ueously encourage and push youk people to get involved. we have a generation that will hopefully have the opportunity to lead west virginia in the future. i want to thank each of you today for being here. thank all of them and you who helped through this process. thank e who has been so
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patient. we wanted to do it right for one purpose, one reason only. rob pert c. the senate has finished the business and has the bill for us. we will have a proper way of how we hold an election.
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let me introduce cart goodwin. >> thank you. >> thank you. it is an ee mention more to my
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responsibility becomes now to work hard everyday and maintain the trust of the people of west virginia. i have a deep abiding passion for this state and her people. in the days and weeks and months a led. i will have no agenda other than to work and fight hard everyday. robert byrd was perhaps the greatest serve ant in our carnte. what i can and will do is try my best to emulate a wall, this great space and the constitution.
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through all my experience serving at the govern's manson. i was able and for knit enough to see the level of chitment, passion and dedication it takes to be an effective public serve vant. it will not be easy and there will be a lot of challenges ahead and this is a lot to learn. i'm confident i'm up to the. the entire delegation. most importantly, the thoughts,
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prayers and support of the people of west virginia. i'm excited about the challenge and looking forward to it. [applause] >> i'm not sure if you noticed. you notice the pins i have on and that cart has on is the constitution. >> i don't node to hell you why we have those pins frpblt senator brird wrote in this book to me. i am passing this book on to the senator that will be seated
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in his honor. it's a pleasure to have our senior senator here with us today in life we have partners so glad to have you with us in the historical presentation. hiftry with that.
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the so seen center. jay rocker material. [applause] >> thank you. he did that. if it took a week, if didn't make any difference because he does it write. governor, i think there's a lot
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of pests -- tests of leadership. this was an extraordinarily important one. >> one thing that senator bird would say strongly, there is no such thing as an interim senator. it may be that the months you are appointed to work have a little on tuesday at 2:00, the
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democrats will conclude our policy discussion. extremely important. at 2:15, the new senator from west virginia, cart goodwin, in whom i have vast respect, will be sworn in, in front of the united states senate and the world. right after that, because cart goodwin will make the 60th vote in what is a necessary piece of legislation, we will take up and pass unemployment
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compensation. [applause] it's a remarkable symbol of who cart is, how important the senate is he is a united states senator. there have not been more than 1800 united stits senator in he probably won't have the biggest home base at the beginning. he way have to walk up one floor to get to the first flow. none of that makes any
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difference. in the senate. that's why the word soonor, junior never meant anything. it is what do you know, can you express yourself, are you can you reach across the aisle, can you ifpk it's super official, really. senator cart good wiven he will have all the powers of dan or
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any of the senior members of the senate. that's important that you understand that. he is a united states senator, pure and simple. now a moment on cart goodwin. i'm thrilled that he's a pointed. the find. various members of the goodwin family. i feel very close to them. i respect their work ethic they seek out what needs to be done
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and go about doing it i have an insight source into that family. you can have all of the qualities i mentioned before. if you didn't have that sense when you get up in the morning, what is it this way that i can do. what comprimise saturday wi i have. washington is not a beautiful place right now. it is doing the work the work
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of doing the right job for america and west virginia. that would appear so up until the conflicts. there are times when that conflict it is west virginia that gets me out of bed
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everyday. the people are so good. the rest of the world is often very callus rve senators are fairly quick to make up their mind. they listen and look at you. they are fairly quick to make up their minds cart will pass all of those tests he isly. he can and will work to whatever length is required i
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cannot tell you how proud i am personally and profess hall i i think he is absolutely first class as a person and a professional. the people of west virginia under the wise selection are very very >> we can keep pushing forward
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for west virginia, for the cool minors and workers. child tax credits, esh we are at work. on a very thuree piece of mine safety legislation. we have learned a lot. we will turn out further legislation. is everything we do there is important. it faskets somebody somewhere. when it affect i look forward
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to you. you start out on the right side of history. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. thank you so much senator. i would like to thank my deer friends nick casey for being here. you are going to make a great judge. we are so proud of you. we are hoping maybe that will speed things up a little bit.
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couldn't hurt. >> i hope you are proud of the process and the way we have mondayored our late, great senator. with that, weem if you will, we'll start right zoun the
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line. welcome to the senate. let me answer by saying this. there are a host of issues facing our country right now and scores of pieces of legislation >> from what i've seen, other proposals pending in the senate, they are simply not right for west virginia. [applause]
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i won't support anything sna jeopardizes jobs, family or the finances of this state. going right down the side there. anybody? >> are going to run for special election? >> no. >> i knew you wanted to say something. >> [inaudible]
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>> i do try to maintain a sense of independence, what is important to me is the issues to make up my own decisions. you suggest i'm only going to be there a brief period of time, i'm going to make the most of it on behalf 69 people of west virginia. in the going to be elected or will it work out?
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>> i would suggest there's no such linger as an elite from west virginia. i have a big family in a relatively small state. several members have been active in public service. i am extremely proud of all of them and i love them all. [applause] . [inaudible] >> can i speak first and we'll
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let cart follow up. >> there's no test. when you work side by side for four years. when you work with someone and brake bread with somebody and spend 24 hours a day, you really get to know them. that's what i know the person i knew would bism peckable in terms of covering the concept. i know he would do it even more so for himself. it wasn't like a test had to be given. no. i know basically. we said the senator is fighting for our people.
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we do it everyday, the senate will tell that you. this person where. he has given four years of his life for public service. there is no test being given whatsoever >> you don't have to live too out of earshot to know how strongly west virginias feem about that issue.
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we make sure our voices are heard in washington. >> as we go around the room, you have been so kind, we appreciate it. thank you. con graltgratlations >> when he takes office, he'll be only 36 years old and the youngest member of the senator
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he's a young lawyer with great reputation. . .
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comments on washington journal. the arizona senate republican debate. this morning, the races for


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